Park Beach Plaza are committed to delivering a sustainable future for all our stakeholders and has seen a programme of developing improvements across the major areas of consumable activities. We are consistently looking for viable ways reducing our carbon footprint to the benefit of our customers, our staff and the environment.

Waste Management
Park Beach Plaza is home to over 130 retail shops and boasts in excess of 5.8 million visitors to the centre each year.  There is no doubt that when you combine these numbers that there is unavoidably a huge volume of waste generated by both people and products.  However, we take a very proactive environmental approach to our waste management and over the years have introduced a diverse variety of solutions for the Centre’s waste disposal services.

Thanks to strategies such as waste and recycling stations being placed throughout the centre for use by shoppers, as well as a range of waste and recycling services for use by retailers, Park Beach Plaza can proudly state that over 65% of their carbon equivalent footprint for waste to landfill is diverted from landfill every year. And the good news is that this figure continues to rise annually.

As well as standard general waste collection services, our waste services include co-mingled/mixed recycling, paper/cardboard compactors, as well as being a long-time participant in Coffs Coast Waste Services’ food waste collection service, where food waste is separated on site, then collected for composting.

We are committed to sustainability in our waste practices through continually exploring new ways to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from the Centre such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling.  In addition Park Beach Plaza are constantly providing ongoing information and training to Centre staff and retail businesses.

Park Beach Plaza management have commenced installation of sensor lighting in areas of our facility where minimal usage is experienced.  The sensor lights turn on as soon as someone enters certain areas of our facilities but turn back off automatically after a period of non use.
Our external lighting is set to come on only in periods of low light, through the use of photo electronic sensors. After core trading hours, certain areas of lighting are reduced to security lighting only.
The Centres Air Conditioning network has been undergoing significant upgrades over the past 2 years with ongoing plans to continue throughout the remainder of the centre.
Did you know that Park Beach Plaza has not used cooling tower cooling technology for over 10 years, saving millions of litres of water per year?
Part of the upgrades have seen the introduction of closed water loop cooling techniques, in conjunction with Variable Speed Driven compressors & Air Handling Units and individual VAV’s (Variable Air Volume Controllers) to each new store fitout This allows the centres Building Management System to deliver cool air to each store area on an on demand basis, providing further improvements in energy consumption efficiencies.
We have also upgrade three of our amenities areas for our customers that provide vastly improved fresh and modern facilities but also have environmentally sensitive applications such as sensor taps, new improved more water efficient toilets and urinals reducing the centres impact on the town water supply by 50%.

Administration procedures are constantly being reviewed to allow us to provide more sustainable operating opportunities.
Opportunities such as providing the choice for our clients and contractors to receive electronic invoicing and payments over mailed out paper copies.  This programme reduces our need to provide paper versions of documents, reducing our consumption of paper products.

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