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Lorna Jane

LOVE TO MOVE with Lorna Jane!

October is all about the Lorna Jane Sports Bra. The fit woman’s secret to a flawless workout is finding the perfect sports bra and at Lorna Jane this is at the forefront of every bra design.

Join Lorna Jane this month and support a great cause, for every Lorna Jane bra you buy during October you will not only be investing in the support of a great bra but also be contributing to our donation goal of $50 000, to raise the essential funds needed for the amazing work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia.

PLUS this month you will receive Lorna Jane Clarkson’s New book LOVE YOU - as a gift when you spend $300!
Inside you’ll find:

  • Lorna’s daily rituals and the secrets to her success 
  • How to make positivity your superpower
  • Over 30 nourishing recipes
  • Lorna’s personal yoga workouts
  • More than ten untold stories, never before heard
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