Big W
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Best possible prices on our range of merchandise. The savings we make are then passed on to you through our lower prices. Test us, shop around and then come back to BIG W and experience our vision.

Throughout our entire range of merchandise, we have a huge selection of national brand items, the brands you know and trust. How many times have you bought an item that wasn't a national brand and been disappointed by its inferior quality or performance?

At BIG W, you can safely shop with the knowledge that we have the brands you know and the brands you trust and they're at our famous Everyday Low Prices. You may have heard other retailers talking about everyday low prices and while the offers might sound the same, there'a big difference at BIG W.

At BIG W we don't just talk about the idea of everyday low prices, we live it. It's the principle that our business is based on. And it's the responsibility of every one of our people. We are all here to offer our customers the lowest possible prices every single day.

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