Magical Christmas Quest

Join the search for Santa and his friends at Park Beach Plaza for your chance to WIN!

Download the FREE CreativiTek App on your smartphone or tablet to see who you can find with our interactive Augmented Reality Quest at Park Beach Plaza.


Simply look for our Magical Christmas Quest markers throughout the centre and scan the marker to see who you can find.  You can even find Santa and take your own photo! Find all 8 characters to complete the Magic Christmas Quest for the chance to WIN a $500 Gift Card!

For a chance to win more prizes, take photos with the Christmas characters and share them on social media using the hashtag #parkbeachplaza

Don't forget to pick up your FREE Kid's Christmas Gift from Customer Information to take the Magic Of Christmas home with you! While stocks last.




Q: What devices and software versions does The Magical Christmas Quest “CreativiTek ” app work on?

A: The Magical Christmas Quest App works for iPhone 7 and above and is most compatible with the latest software version iOS and iPad iOS 12.0 or later. The Magical Christmas Quest also works on most common Android devices running Android 7.0 or newer, however some Android devices may not be supported.


Q: Will Wi-Fi be available at all Christmas Is Magic locations so that I can download the app?

A: Some locations may have limited access to Wi-Fi. We encourage you to download the app before you leave home.


Q: Can I step inside the picture?

A: Absolutely! To take a photo, tap the large icon, then you can save and/or shore your photo on social media.  You can tap and hold the large icon to begin recording a video.  Be sure to allow the app access to your image library so the photos will automatically be saved. Do not forget to tag any images you upload to social media with the hashtag #parkbeachplaza.


Q: I took a photo, where will it be saved?

A: The photo will be saved to your phone’s image library or camera roll or in the files folder.


Q: Why hasn’t the photo I took in the app saved to my image library?

A: When you install The Magical Christmas Quest “CreativiTek” app you need to ‘allow’ the app to use your camera and access your phone's image library in order for it to save photos to your library. To update your preferences, you can go to the settings section of your iPhone, find the CreativiTek app, and give permissions for “All Photos”. Or you can delete the app and reinstall it. Please make sure to give all the required permissions.


Q: Why does the animation sometimes disappear when I move my device away from the marker/floor decal?

A: Ensure you hold your digital device over the floor decal during the experience. If you want to move around the virtual characters and even resize them, tap on the “Reposition” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Then find the floor and tap on the screen to place the characters wherever you want. To learn more about the app functionalities, please tap on the “?” icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Q: I can’t see the full animation when I use the app – why is this?

A: Just step back a bit further away from the marker and consider changing the orientation of your phone from landscape to portrait (or vice versa). Make sure you also pan around with your phone as you might spot some cheeky characters flying around in the sky or to the left or right of the markers.


Q: Why is my battery running low after using the app?

A: Often augmented reality apps will consume the battery faster as they utilise a number of sensors simultaneously, along with the camera. We suggest you close the app when not in use.


Q: How do I find out where the other locations are in the centre?

A: If you can’t find all eight markers you can check in with our lovely ladies at Customer Information and they may be able to give you some clues.


Q: Are the animations different at each location?

A: Yes.


Q:Can I use The Magical Christmas Quest “CreativiTek” App at home?

A:  Yes, be sure to pick up your FREE Gift from Customer Information to use the App at home.



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